John Cabascango Throwing Moses under the Bus

Just thinking about terms like morals, law, and commandments seems dull, maybe even mean-spirited. Still, a quick look at social media, the endless news cycle, and magazines in the grocery checkout line show that we love to hear about failure, recovery, and who has crossed the latest moral boundary. At the same time, the argument over whose boundaries matter or whether they matter doesn't ever end. In fact, all these stories and concerns start somewhere in high school and keep going. Who can tell me what to do? Why do I have to do things this way? I can't wait to be free from all these rules. In Throwing Moses Under the Bus, teacher/author John Cabascango examines the ancient rules and stories that show us why these stone-tablet rules still matter in a digital age. Using examples from twenty-one years of teaching, novels, movies, and the American high school hallway, you are invited to see why boundaries matter to people who want to live freely.

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John A. Moses The Reluctant Revolutionary

I'm Fine Thanks Under The Bus Tshirt Short-Sleeve Unisex T-Shirt

John Burroughs Under the Maples

John Ashton Social England under the Regency

Weyman Stanley John Under the Red Robe

Jey J. Kanagaraj John

In this commentary Kanagaraj examines how John projects the church as God's «new covenant community,» which, is characterized by two virtues: love and obedience. Impossible to exhibit under the old covenant based on Moses' Law, these qualities became possible by the initiative grace and faithfulness of God revealed in Jesus and demonstrated by the power of the Spirit.
God's new community is an inclusive and progressive community because its witness to Jesus in a world that hates and persecutes it has the power to bring in all people so that they may become one flock under one shepherd. Kanagaraj argues that the idea of founding and nurturing a new community was in God's heart even before the time of creation and not just at the time of incarnation.

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Daniel Fletcher Japanese Throwing Weapons

Master the Japanese art of shuriken throwing with this illustrated martial arts guide. Japanese Throwing Weapons: Mastering Shuriken Throwing Techniques is a detailed instruction manual for learning authentic shuriken throwing techniques as practiced in Japan, known as shuriken-jutsu. Daniel Fletcher studied under Japan's most notable shuriken sensei, Yasuyuki Otsuka, of the Meifu Shinkage Ryu and in this knife throwing book he reveals the secrets learned in his years of study and training.Fletcher explains the origins and purpose of the shuriken as a weapon and provides information on the various types of shuriken used by the historical samurai and ninjas. Fletcher's expert instructions, along with over 200 photographs and the enclosed DVD can help anyone become proficient with Japanese throwing techniques. Weapons instruction includes: Shaken Shuriken —The most familiar of the shuriken family, this sharp-edged, star-shaped weapon is the one typically seen in martial arts film. Bo Shuriken —Shaped like a spike, easy to manufacture, economical, and convenient to carry, this simple weapon is a staple in the arsenal of the Japanese warrior. Teppan Shuriken —A multi-purpose weapon made from iron plates, it can take a variety of shapes and is used both for throwing or hand-to-hand combat.

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David Grossman The Second Book of Moses, Called Exodus

A central theme running through the Bible, Exodus tells of the mass movement of people, including the Israelites' escape from slavery, the wanderings of Moses and his followers and the Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai. The text is introduced by author David Grossman.

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John G. Bourinot Canada Under British Rule 1760-1900

Canada under British Rule covers the first 400 years of Canadian history, from the French discovery in the early 16th century until the establishing of the Confederation in 19th century. This book serves as an excelent


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Amante P. Marinas, Sr. The Art of Throwing

Concise and informative, The Art of Throwing is the ultimate introduction to the exciting world of throwing weapons. It provides thorough explanation and instruction on everything from grips and stances, targets and trajectories, and even how to construct your own weapons. The fundamentals of weapon throwing are easy to learn, but mastering aim—let alone mastering aim with a variety of weapons—involves time, effort and practice. Let The Art of Throwing ease your transition from novice to expert with its detailed, but easy to follow instructions from an author who has spent years mastering his technique. With a foreword by knife throwing legend Joe «Brokenfeather» Darrah, this edition includes updated information and an hour-long downloadable video to better aid newcomers in learning the basics or help experienced throwers perfect their techniques. The Art of Throwing includes: Basic concepts—Grips, Methods, and MechanicsThrowing implements—The Bagakay, the knife, the ax, and the spearJapanese throwing implements—The Shuriken and the ShakenChinese throwing implements—The flying dart, the golden coin dart, the flying steel olive, and the flying stickerOther throwing implements—The western dart and the boomerangSport and defensive throwingWeapon and hand care

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Weyman Stanley John Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France

Ashton John Social England under the Regency, Vol. 2 (of 2)

John Bunyan The Pilgrim's Progress from this world to that which is to come, delivered under the similitude of a dream

The Pilgrim's Progress from this world to that which is to come, delivered under the similitude of a dream by John Bunyan libreka classics – These are classics of literary history, reissued and made available to a wide audience. Immerse yourself in well-known and popular titles!

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John Ashton Social England under the Regency (Vol.1&2)

Goldfrap John Henry The Boy Scouts Under Fire in Mexico

Ashton John Social England under the Regency, Vol. 1 (of 2)

Harry K. McEvoy Knife & Tomahawk Throwing

"<i>Knife & Tomahawk Throwing</i> helps keep alive these traditional arts of the old West. In these pages, you will learn about the fundamentals of the sport and gain insight into some of the greatest professional knife throwers–the men who paved the way for the modern day thrower." — <b>Bobby Branton, President of the American Knife Thrower's Alliance (AKTA)</b><br><br>Harry McEvoy, the foremost expert in the field of tomahawk and knife throwing and best-selling author of <i>Knife Throwing: A Practical Guide</i>, provides us with an exciting, in-depth look at the popular sport of weapon throwing.<br><br>Meet the men who throw flaming knives at lovely ladies on a spinning target—and not scorch a hair; learn about the legendary «Skeeter» Vaughan, whose record-breaking throw saved the lives of hundreds of U.S. servicemen during World War II; and witness the courage of Tony Cascarella, who brought down a 275-pound wild boar with only three Bowie-Axe throwing knives.<br><br>In addition, this book will clearly show you the skills involved in knife and tomahawk throwing—skills all the professionals first mastered before attempting the daring feats required when performing the «impalement arts.» Also presented is an interesting history of throwing-knives, from the earliest times, through the development of the European daggers, and up to the knives used during the Vietnam War. Furthermore, you'll learn about many of the other throwing weapons of the world, including the martial arts weapons used by the Japanese ninja, and the deadly boomerangs of the Australian aborigines.<br><br>Concisely written and illustrated with more than 50 photographs—including many of the «greats» in action—<i>Knife and Tomahawk Throwing</i> is a must for anyone interested in these fascinating sports.<br><br> Chapters include: <ul><li>The Fine Points of Knife Throwing</li><li>How to Build Targets</li><li>Evolution of the Throwing Knife</li><li>The Art of the Professionals</li><li>The Saga of Skeeter Vaughn</li><li>Tomahawk Throwing</li><li>The Hunt of the «Hog Heaven» Boar</li><li>The Other Throwing Instruments

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гостиная, одноцветное изделие

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WAITING FOR THE BUS / Ваза / похожие




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